Fuel up, get some work done or just relax, pre or post workout in our client lounge. Smoothies by Root Blends and Kettlebell Kitchen pick up location.
Group Training
Take our Signature Strength Rx or Strike (High Intensity mixed martial arts and strength) in this massive group X training room.
Penthouse Studio
Sun drenched studio for Power Flow Yoga, Yoga flow and can be booked for personal training and private sessions.
Private Training Studio
Personal training studio, exclusively for PT clients.
Inbody Diagnostic Testing
Test your results with a medical grade body composition analyzer will give you your body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, minerals and body water so you can set goals and see your results.
Digital Day Lockers
To stash all your personal belongings, while you train.
Shower Rooms
Fully stocked with everything you need to get you showered up and back out to your day.
Treatment Room
Private room for biomechanics assessments and massage therapy.
525 West 26th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Phone: (646) 362-5947
Mon-Fri 6am – 9pm
Sat 8am – 2pm