Covid-19 Guidelines:

ARRIVE EARLY: Please arrive 5 minutes prior to you scheduled class time, and 10 minutes if you are a first time client. We do not permit late arrivals to enter into class once class has started.

SAFETY FIRST: High alcohol content hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility and must be used upon arrival by all class participants.

BYO: Bring your own water bottle/canteen. Touch-less cold filtered water is available in the facility. Canteens and JUST WATER brand recyclable water boxes are available for purchase.

SANITIZATION: Deep cleaning will occur before and after each class. Spray atomizer (an anti-bacterial mist that kills 99.7% of viruses) and CDC-approved disinfectants are used to guarantee your safety.

PREMIERE AIR FILTRATION: Our HVAC system is compliant with NYC DOH requirements and we’ve gone the extra mile and deployed medical-grade portable air filtration units (with HEPA 13 filters and internal UV light traps that remove 99.7% of germs, bacteria and virus from the air) in both of our fitness studios.

STAY HOME: If you are not feeling well please stay home. Let your body rest and do your part to keep your community healthy. Safety is our priority here at the Lab and fitness is our second!

Gym Policies:

CLASS RESERVATIONS: Class capacity is limited, so we encourage you to sign up for class online or our Performance Lab App well in advance.

LATE ARRIVAL: We do not permit late arrivals to enter class once class has started.

WAIT LIST: If an individual has not arrived by the class start time, their spot will be given to participants on the waitlist who have arrived on time.

CANCELLATIONS: We do not accept class cancellations over the phone or email. All class cancellations must be done online or on the Performance Lab app. We ask our clients to be conscientious about canceling class last minute and preventing another client from booking a spot. Any client who cancels within 12 hours of class start time will forfeit their class cost (and unlimited members will be charged a $15 late fee). However, we know life happens, so if there’s space in a class for later in the day, clients may rebook for no additional cost - be sure to let the front desk know upon arrival that you rebooked (if you fail to communicate, you will lose your class/be charged). Thank you for your understanding!

STUDIO ETIQUETTE: Athletic pants, leggings, and/ or shorts and tops are required. Sneakers are required in Studio 1 and no shoes are permitted in Studio 2. Please respect your neighbors by practicing good hygiene and keeping your workout focus on yourself and/or the instructor.

CELL USAGE: Phones can be brought into class, but they must be kept on do not disturb. No texting, phone calls, or taking photos/videos of your fellow classmates without their permission.